Useful Engineering Tools

If anyone is considering building an engine/gearbox properly then he is a list of more specialised tools that should be at least available when working on your engine.

Micrometers 0 - 1" , 1-2", 2-3"
Vernier calipers 0 - 150 mm
Depth micrometer 0 - 1"
Dial Gauge and stand 0 - 0.5" or 1"
Feeler blades 0.001 - 0.035"
If you can afford it a dial bore guage 0.5 - 1" and 2-3"
Telescopic guages
Small hole guages (not overly needed but nice if you have them)
Cam timing protractor
Taps for thread cleaning, 1/4" UNF/UNC, 5/16" UNF/UNC, 3/8" UNF/UNC
Torque Wrenches 5-20 lbft, 20 - 100 lbft, 50 - 250 lbft.
A centre lathe (or a friend who can do machining for you)
A vertical milling machine (or a friend who can do the machining for you)
Slip guages (definatly a luxury item, perfect for rocker geometry setting)
Plastiguage 0.001 - 0.003"
24in breaker bar at least 1/2" drive!
Length old scaffold tube (aluminium kind is best 4 ft in length)
4 ft growler bar.
Flywheel puller
Plumbers blow lamp (the kind that has a propane bottle separate to the torch)
Some means of brazing.
80 and 120 grit wet and dry paper for lapping.
320 and 1000 for polishing items
Bench grinder
Valve grinder (machine shop)
Valve seat cutters/grinders (machine shop)
A dremel or at least a drill.
Drill set
Straight edge 24 in (this is a luxury)
Burette 50cc
Helicoil inserts (Decent machine shop will have these)
A selection of needle files
Hand file medium cut 12 in
Bastard file 18in .
Gasket scraper (decent one)
Some means of checking camshafts (this could be your engine that you are building, or better still that old 998 engine you had in the corner of the garage stinking up the place!!)
Degreasing agents
Engine stand

Some of these tools need practice to be able to use accurately/safely so a friendly engineer is the best contact here. Others may need the services of you local machine shop, but remember it is up to you to check any machined dimensions to be sure that they are correct before you build the engine. This is not a complete list but I will add to this as I get time.


Last updated 13/03/03


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